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Amika Flat Iron Review

The Amika Flat Iron is one of the best ceramic flat irons on the market. It comes in a standard 1 ½ inch model. You may have seen the Amika Flat Iron selling for over $200 dollars at a local mall, but is it any good? There are a few things you should know about this flat iron before you buy it.

According to the manufacturer, this Ultra-premium flat iron from Amika is one of the best flat irons with all the newest technologies in the industry. Amika designed the Ultra-premium hair flat iron with comfort and flexibility in mind. The Solid Ceramic Black Amika Flat Iron has 1-inch ceramic plates that can reach an optimum temperature of 400 degrees. Not only does it heat up in less than 10 seconds, but the temperature will remain constant throughout use. As an added bonus this flat iron comes in a beautiful magnet cover gift box.

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Here are some great features of the Amika Flat Iron:

  • 1-inch plates. Fast heat up in 10 seconds! Heats up to 400F(200C);
  • nine Feet Swivel cord for better control. Tourmaline ceramic plates;
  • plates coated with nano silver technology;
  • ionic technology. Can curl and flip;

Amika Flat Iron Features

Amika Flat Iron Design

The Amika Flat Iron comes in a variety of cute prints including: Midnight Black, Deep Purple, Hot Pink, Zebra, Giraffe, and Pink Snake. The flat iron comes packaged in a cool magnetic box with a cool design on the cover.

Temperature Controls

The temperature control knob is located on the inside of the flat iron along with the power button. Depending on how you hold your flat iron, you might accidentally change the setting on the heat adjustment knob because of its placement and its rotating design.

Floating Plates

One of the most unique features on the Amika Flat Iron are the floating plates. The floating plates kind of pop out from the casing a little bit. As you are styling your hair, the floating plates adjust with you and sort of move side to side. This prevents hair form being pulled or breaking. These plates are great for creating smooth wavy or curly styles because they eliminate unnecessary creasing.


The easy grip handle is made of a durable heat-resistant material and stays cool. However, the casing around the ceramic plates get very hot. You have to be careful not to position your hand too far up the handle. The cool grips are too small and it’s hard to use two hands while straightening. We recommend that if you use two hands you get a heat insulated glove.

9 foot 360 Swivel Cord

Although it is a standard feature on most modern flat irons, there is a 360 swivel cord on the Amika Flat Iron. We take it for granted but no matter how great a flat iron is it must have a 360 swivel cord. The 360 swivel cord means no tangling and allows you to style your hair from different directions.

Plate Material

100% ceramic plates

Unlike other flat irons which are merely coated with a layer of ceramic, the Amika flat iron features 100% ceramic plates. Because the Amika flat iron uses 100% ceramic there is no chance that the ceramic will peel away. Ceramic allows heat to be distributed evenly across the plate’s surface, eliminating damaging hot spots. Ceramic plates also emit negative ions, which eliminate static electricity and make hair look shinier, silkier, and frizz free.

Far-infrared heat: Conventional flat irons heat hair from the outside much like a toaster heats bread. Because there isn’t a sufficient amount of heat you must run your flat iron over and over the hair. This results in hair getting damaged. The Amika flat iron heats hair from the inside out. This means that hair is flattened in fewer passes, resulting in less damage. Marketers use a fancy name for this technology called “far-infrared” heat. Each and every hair is heated from the inside out so it doesn’t get as much damage. This heat brings out all the natural vitamins and oils in hair to the surface, filling the hair with moisture.

Nano Silver Technology: The plates are also treated with Nano silver technology, which simply means that the plates have smaller particles that can stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, etc., resulting in healthier hair and scalp.

Plate Size

1 1/2 inch

The Amika Flat Iron we looked was listed at 1.5”. However, the actual plates measured about an inch in width.

In general the shorter your hair the smaller plate width size you want. The longer your hair the larger plate width size you want. If you have longer hair and want to do more hair at a time some people prefer a flat iron with larger plates. However, this comes at the expense of control and versatility. People with finer hair can use any plate size. People with medium to course hair might opt for a flat iron with larger plates. We recommend the 1-2 inches for most users depending on your hair length and texture.


Adjustable Up To Max 400

The feature we really like on the Amika Flat Iron is that you can adjust the temperature depending on your hair type and what style you are going for. The Amika flat iron features a temperature dial that allows you to control the temperature from 176 to 400 degrees. The knob rotates in a circle. It is really hard to precisely locate a setting in between the minimum and maximum. We suggest most users start with a setting at the lowest level and work their way up.

Busy women will be glad to know that the Amika flat iron heats to its maximum temperature in roughly 10 seconds, making it one of the fastest flat irons on the market.  There is a light on the back of Amika that is red when the iron is heating up. It turns green when flat iron reaches the desired temperature.

Depending on your type of hair you need to use a different temperature.  For the average person, the optimum temperature is 370 degrees. The thinner your hair the lower the temperature you want to use otherwise you will burn your hair. The thicker or courser your hair the higher temperature you want to use.  If your hair is already straight you want to use a lower temperature.

On the hottest setting with the right technique, you can even create curls that last up to 3 days.


  1. Far infrared technology and 100% ceramic: The Amika Flat Iron is much gentler on hair than conventional flat irons.
  2. Unique Floating Plates Design: Allows you to straighten, curl and twist out many hairstyles with no pulling or creasing, making the Amika Flat Iron and all in one tool.
  3. Adjustable Temperature: You can choose the temperature based on your hair type and type of style you are going for. Thanks to its adjustable temperature the Amika Flat Iron allows you to pull of salon quality styles in your own home. Whether you like your hair straight, curly, or wavy the Amika Flat Iron can help you pull of just about any style.
  4. Nano Silver technology: Eliminates bacteria.


  1. Casing Gets Hot: The Amika Flat Iron’s casing around the plates gets very hot on the hottest temperature.
  2. Small Cool Tips: The small cool grips make it almost impossible to grasp the flat iron with two hands. If you have to use two hands we recommend purchasing an insulated heat glove with this flat iron.
  3. Temperature control knob too easy to change accidentally: Users may accidentally change the temperature of the flat iron while they are straightening their hair.