Creating Volume in Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Fine hair: it’s often anything but “fine” when you’re trying to style it. Limp locks can seem like a never-ending nightmare but don’t fret here are some volume inducing tips when creating hairstyles for fine hair.

Choose Your Product Wisely

Because fine hair is essentially caused by thinner hair strands and/or fewer hair strands than you’d like to have fine hair is easily weighed down. This means you can’t just reach for any old hair products and expect them to treat your fine hair right. If you want to make the most out of your hairstyles for fine hair you need to start by using the right products.

Use shampoos that are specifically designed for fine hair or are volumizing. These shampoos should use different ingredients that ones for dry or curly hair and won’t contain such “heavy” moisturizers. Also, you should skip the thick conditioners and instead opt for a spray in/leave in conditioner. It will give you all the moisturizing your fine hair needs but without the heavy build up. It will also act as a bit of protectant against styling damage.

Styling products should be lightweight as well. Opt for volumizing mousses or spray in hair gels. Concentrate the product at the roots for lift and use very sparingly. Stay away from cream-based products at all costs.

Better Blowdrying

To create great hairstyles for fine hair you need to know how to blow dry your hair for maximum volume. If you’re creating a sleek style a straightening brush while holding the hair away from your scalp. This will create a bit of a bend right at the roots which give a natural looking body.

If you’re going for a tousled look flip your head upside down and massage your scalp in a circular motion with the palms of your hands. This rubbing technique lifts the hair from the scalp and creates a bit of a natural cushion.

Styling Tools to Use

Velcro or hot rollers can be a fine-haired girl’s best friend. They create easy volume and body and always make hair appear thicker. The trick is to use larger rollers at the top of your head for maximum root lift and smaller ones at the bottom to create luscious waves. Once curls are set to remove the rollers, flip your head over and tousle with your hands. Give your roots a quick misting with a dry aerosol hairspray to hold the lift and flip back upright. Resist the urge to plaster your hair in place: soft and touchable hair is the key.

Do you have fine hair and it’s driving you crazy? Ask your fine hair questions here and I’ll be happy to answer them.