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GHD Straightener Review

The GHD straightener is endorsed as the best flat iron by top stylists all over the world and even the hottest celebrities including Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. In fact, the company name GHD stands for Good-Hair-Day. GHD’s ceramic technology allows the flat iron to heat up almost instantly while at the same time locking in hair’s natural moisture. The curved barrel design is built for styling all of today’s trendy styles.

Whether you want curls, twists, flicks, waves, or perfectly straight hair, the GHD straightener can do it all. This beautifully designed GHD Straightener features dual voltage, a swivel cord, and a safety shut off.

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The GHD straightener is one of the highest reviewed flat irons by consumers and beauty professionals, but there are a few things you should know about this flat iron before you buy it.

Here are some great features of the GHD Straightener:

  • all-in-one styling tool;
  • ceramic technology;
  • universal voltage for worldwide travel use;
  • automatic sleep mode;

GHD Straightener Features

GHD Straightener Design

This beautifully designed GHD Straightener has a rounded barrel for improved curling and styling. There is a power button and led light located on the inside of the flat iron. The LED is solid red when the flat iron heats up and blinks when the iron is ready to be used.

Features and Benefits

Heats In 30 Seconds

If you are busy, the amazing state of the art technology allows this flat iron to reach high temperatures almost instantly. Even though the iron heats up in 30 seconds, if you wait a little longer you will find that it gets hotter. If you are curling hair, it’s better to wait an additional 1 -2 minutes.

Light Weight

The minute you pick up the GHD straightener you will be taken away at how light it is. It’s one of the lightest flat irons on the market. This flat iron feels sturdy and is extremely comfortable. Styling hair is extremely effortless.

Outer Casing Stays Cool

The outer casing is made from Rynite, which ensures the outer casing does not get hot when you are styling hair. This means you can use both hands when styling hair.

Safety Shutoff

If your iron is not used for 30 minutes, the GHD straightener automatically switches itself off. This is an overlooked feature on other flat irons.

Dual Voltage

The GHD has a universal voltage feature that operates from 100V to 230V by sensing the voltage. This is a great feature for travelers.

Rounded Barrel Design

Unique to the GHD straightener is the body shape and curved barrel. Rounded ends make it easy to curl hair. In fact, it’s one of the best flat irons for creating awesome looking curls. You can curl with other flat irons but the curls will never look as good and hold like the ones with the GHD straightener. If you are going for the straight look you can easily create volume.

Floating Plates

One of the most unique features on the GHD Straightener are the floating plates. The floating plates kind of pop out from the casing a little bit. As you are styling your hair, the floating plates adjust with you and sort of pivot side to side. This prevents hair form being pulled or breaking. These plates are great for creating smooth wavy or curly styles because they eliminate unnecessary creasing.

9 foot 360 Swivel Cord

Although it a standard feature on most modern flat irons there is a 360 swivel cord. We take it for granted but no matter how great a flat iron is it must have a 360 swivel cord. The 360 swivel cord means no tangling and allows you to style your hair from different directions.

Plate Material

Ceramic Coated, High Gloss Finish

The Classic Ghd Straightener is ceramic coated. GHD pioneered the use of ceramic technology. The unique ceramic technology allows the GHD straightener to heat up in just 30 seconds. Ceramic helps seal in hair natural’s moisture. This means is if you live in a humid climate you don’t have to worry about your hair getting bigger and frizzier over the course of the day.

Although other flat irons may emit negative ions and infrared heat, they often use PTC or copper heating elements which can dry hair out. The GHD uses a ceramic heating element which results in a larger portion of infrared and negative ions, both of which minimize damage to your hair. The plates have high gloss finish that allows the flat iron to glide through hair effortlessly.

Plate Size

This GHD straightener has one-inch plates. In general, the shorter your hair the smaller plate width size you want. The longer your hair the larger plate width size you want. If you have longer hair and want to do more hair at a time some people prefer a flat iron with larger plates. However, this comes at the expense of control and versatility. The most popular sized flat iron is about 1 inch in length which is the perfect size for just about anyone and it gives you the styling control you need.


Auto Adjusts To Hair Type

You may be surprised on such a high-end flat iron that the GHD Straightener doesn’t have a temperature control setting. However, the GHD irons have a temperature control chip in them that automatically adjusts to the right temperature setting based on the texture of your hair. That way it doesn’t burn your hair.

The built-in microprocessor monitors and regulates the blade temperature 5 times a second. This eliminates all the unnecessary trial and error associated with finding the correct temperature. It gets to a max heat of around 400, but averages around 350. The automatic temperature setting on the GHD straightener is amazing but we would have liked to also see a manual temperature control as well.

Because other flat irons cool when they touch your hair, you have to make another pass to do the ends. With the GHD straightener, the flat iron has advanced circuitry that ensures that the flat iron stays at the same temperature from root to tip.


  1. Heats up in 30 seconds: If you are busy, the amazing state of the art technology allows this flat iron to reach high temperatures almost instantly.
  2. Lightweight: Straightening hair won’t feel like a workout and your hand won’t hurt.
  3. All in one styling Device: The GHD straightener can do so much than straighten hair thanks to its innovative barrel design.
  4. Auto Adjusting Temperature: The auto-adjusting temperature means we don’t have to guess a temperature and risk damaging hair.
  5. Maintains Constant Temperature Throughout Strand: No more going over you ends multiple time drying them out.
  6. Casing Stays Cool: Allows you to style your hair with two hands.
  7. Dual Voltage: You can take your GHD straightener abroad.
  8. Auto Shutoff: In case you forget to turn it off the GHD shuts itself off after 30 minutes of inactivity.


  1. Auto Adjusting Temperature: This feature seems to work better on course hair. We would have liked the option for manual control as well.
  2. Expensive: With a retail price over $200, this is a hair investment.

If you are just looking for an ordinary hair straightener you can find cheaper flat irons that are comparable to the GHD straightener. However, if you are looking for an all in one styler and what is considered to be the holy grail flat iron on the market with many look no further than the GHD straightener. It heats up in 30 seconds, features a safety shutoff, and can be used anywhere in the world, but what we are most excited about is its styling features.

With its unique design, GHD straightener can do so much more than straightener hair. You are able to easily get curls, flips, waves, and styles that only celebrities dream of. If you love styling hair then GHD straightener is for you. There’s even a DVD included that shows you eight different styles you can do with your GHD straightener. The only problem is that it is expensive. It is an investment. We think it’s worth it.