Hair Accessories: Handmade & Unique Hair Goodies

You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the exact same outfit as everyone else, would you? So why wear the same, boring hair accessories?

Thanks to the talented and crafty people at Etsy, you can make your hair accessories just as much a part of your personal style as your clothing. For those who haven’t hears of Etsy, it’s an online marketplace where artists and crafters sell their handmade goodies directly to you – no middleman! You can pick up some amazing things here, I just bought two adorable prints for my hallway.

But it’s not all about paintings and drawings, oh no, you can pick up some really fab hair accessories too.

Headbands: These headbands are really becoming popular. Because they’re made of cloth they’re much more comfortable than the hard headbands and they come in some really funky patterns.

Ponytail Holders: Say goodbye to boring old elastic bands and hello to some ponytail holders with style. These simple little gems have gorgeous glass baubles attached to them and add that little “something” to the classic ponytail holder. This is a great hair accessory to wear at the office because it’s subtle but very cool.

Flower Power: Want to add a splash of tropical color to your hair? This festive floral hair accessory screams “give me a Pina Colada!” Perfect for an evening out paired wit a sundress this summer.

As you can see long hair needn’t be boring this summer when you’ve got all these great handmade hair accessories to choose from. So browse around and check out the pretties at Etsy.

QotD: If you’ve got long hair, do you try and match your hair accessories to your outfit or do you just grab what you’ve got?