Make Home Hair Color Application Easier

Do you color your own hair at home? If so you know that it can be difficult to apply that hair color right where you want it while keeping your other hair out of the way. I’m going to let you in on a super simple trick that makes sectioning your hair and applying your hair color a little bit easier.

So what’s the trick to easier hair color application? Drum roll please!

Wet your hair. Yup, sounds just too damn easy, doesn’t it? But the truth is applying your hair color to damp hair has some awesome benefits. To do it right you’ll want to simply wet your hair ”not wash so skip the shampoo” and towel dry until your hair is only damp.

Divide and Conquer

When applying your own hair color to your roots it’s best to divide the hair into four sections for easier application. When your hair is damp those sections are easier to divide and keep separate. To properly divide your hair into four even sections use a tail comb and create a part from the middle of your front hairline back to the middle of your back hairline. Then create a part from ear top to ear top.

Now when you’re applying your hair color to your roots each small section will divide and stay put much easier thanks to your damp hair. Another awesome benefit of applying your hair color to damp hair is the hair color will absorb better. Hair is just like a sponge: it absorbs better when it’s damp. So apply your hair color on damp hair and let it penetrate as deeply as possible to help your color last longer.

I’m curious; with all the different brands of home hair color out there I wonder which one people use most. If you color your own hair at home which brand do you use? Let me know in the comments section.