Men’s Hairstyles: Long Men’s Hair Makeovers

Are you a man with long hair looking for a shorter men’s hairstyle? What I often found when I was working in a salon is men with long hair are often leery of getting it cut because they can’t picture what the end result will look like or they don’t know their options.

What you have to realize is that when you’re cutting off your long hair you have options. It’s not all about going from long to super short. There are many medium length men’s hairstyles that are so hot right now. Think Owen Wilson type hairstyles. You can still keep some of that length that you’re used to but give it a fresh look with a more flattering shape.

Shag-type hairstyles are an awesome choice for men who want to update their look but still keep some length. These types of men’s hairstyles are super trendy right now and don’t require as much work to style as you might think. But they do require the best shampoo for men. Typically the hair is kept between collar length to just touching the shoulders in the back with long layers. The layers and length get a little shorter in the front to add shape but still blend well.

If you do decide to take it all off, think about keeping the sides and back short but leaving some length on top to play with and style. You might find you love the lighter feeling and low maintenance of that short men’s hairstyle after all.

Below is a video of a television show called Shear Genius. The premise of the show is that, like so many reality shows that are popular right now, people compete with each other through various challenges until one winner remains. This one pits hairstylist against each other to see who has the superior styling talent. In this challenge, it was all about men with long hair getting it cut off. You’ll see some awesome examples of what new styles can be created out of long men’s hairstyles. Two things to watch for during this video: Do not attempt the men’s hairstyle where the stylist used the flat iron. Honestly, that stylist is an idiot unless that man is going to take the time to straighten his hair everyday. Pay close attention to the men’s hairstyle of the stylist who won. This is a perfect example of the popular men’s shag cut I was talking about.

I personally don’t like the look of men with all one length, long hair. I always think it looks unkempt. I mean if Jon Bon Jovi cut his hair it’s time for every other man to do it too. If you’re a guy with long hair tell us why you haven’t cut it yet.