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Remington Flat Iron Review

Winner of Allure’s 2010 Break Through Beauty Award and featured in Good House Keeping, the Remington S9951 Shine Therapy Frizz Control is not only the best Remington Flat Iron but the best budget-priced flat iron.  This is the best flat iron from Remington. It’s the only straightener that features ceramic plates infused with conditioning polymers that condition your hair while you straighten. The result is that this flat iron diminishes frizz 65 percent better than a traditional ceramic flat iron, keeping hair straight for up to 15 hours.

On top of this new technology, this Remington Flat iron has features you would only expect in a professional flat iron: dual voltage, floating plates, a digital display, adjustable temperature, and automatic shut off after 1 hour.

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The Remington Flat Iron is one of the highest reviewed flat irons by consumers, but there are a few things you should know about this flat iron before you buy it.

Here are some great features of the Remington Flat Iron:

  • 15 Hours Of Protection From Humidity;
  • instant high heat, ready in 30 seconds;
  • Turbo Boost Function That Automatically Sets To the Highest Temperature Desired;
  • digital readout of heat  from 300 to 430 degrees;
  • worldwide dual voltage usage;
  • swivel cord;
  • highest grade ceramic for snag-free glide;
  • automatic shutoff after one hour;
  • hinge Lock;

Remington Flat Iron Features

The Remington Flat Iron has a nice sleek sliver exterior. It has a long swivel cord that doesn’t tangle. It heats up REALLY fast and the digital readout is easy to read.  There is an audible beep when it gets to the desired temperature.

The biggest problem with the design of the Remington Flat Iron is that the controls are located on the outside of the flat iron where you hold the flat iron with your hand. The problem with this is that you accidentally turn up or down the heat or accidentally turn the flat iron off. The controls should be on the inside or on the end of the iron. The buttons are too easy to accidentally press while you style your hair. Remington has somewhat remedied this situation by allowing you to lock the temperature.

The problem is 1)You have to read the instructions and 2)There is a misprint in the instructions so most people will never activate the lock feature. The instructions say to lock the settings, press and hold the “+” button for 3 seconds, until a lock icon appears on the display. This does not work. What does work is pressing and holding the “-” button for 3 seconds until the lock icon appears. Try that if the “+” button doesn’t lock the settings for you.

Features and Benefits

If you want your hair super straight hair then this is the flat iron for you. It is very difficult to curl hair and get texture with the flat iron. Let’s take a looks at some of the features and benefits.

Anti-Frizz Technology for All-Day Humidity Protection

Remington claims that its technology will flatten the most finicky curls and difficult to style hair. In fact, Good Housekeeping tested this flat iron against a regular ceramic flat iron. The Remington flat iron obtained a near perfect score combating frizz and maintaining straightness for 15 hours under humid conditions, outperforming other ceramic flat irons. As a result, it received Good Housekeeping’s coveted VIP award.

Even if you straighten hair, with humidity hair can get puffy and straw looking. This is not the case with the Remington Flat Iron. You will experience 65 percent less fizz all day even in humid conditions.

Whether you sweat, go out in the rain, or go out during summer, hair will remain straight and frizz free. The secret is that the ceramic plates have conditioning polymers in them that bind to hair protecting it from frizz. These last the life of the product.

Safe, 60 Minute Auto-Shutoff Function

You don’t have to worry if you accidentally leave your flat iron on. If your iron is not used for an hour, the Remington flat iron automatically switches itself off. This is an overlooked feature on other flat irons.

Dual Voltage

This Remington flat iron is dual voltage. This is a great feature for travelers.

Floating Plates

One of the most unique features on the Remington flat iron are the floating plates. The floating plates kind of pop out from the casing a little bit. As you are styling your hair, the floating plates adjust with you and sort of pivot side to side. This prevents hair from being pulled or breaking. Floating plates ensure that all of the hair comes into contact with the plates. Thus, you make fewer passes which results in less damage to the hair.

Dual Voltage

When you are done styling, you can lock the hinge for storage. The hinge lock doesn’t work as well as it could have. You have to turn this little switch to the locked position and it’s sometimes difficult to turn.

360 Swivel Cord

Although it a standard feature on most modern flat irons there is a 360 swivel cord. We take it for granted but no matter how great a flat iron is it must have a 360 swivel cord. The 360 swivel cord means no tangling and allows you to style your hair from different directions.

Featured in Allure As A Breakthrough product

There are a lot of hair products out there, but the Remington Frizz Therapy Flat Iron was just one of the items chosen to receive the Allure Breakthrough Product Award.

Plate Material

Ceramic Coated

You have probably heard that you should only use a ceramic flat iron. It’s become a buzzword in the industry. That’s because ceramic improves heat distribution and eliminates hot spots. Ceramic helps the plates glide through hair with no snagging or pulling.

Plate Size

This Remington flat iron has one-inch plates. In general, the shorter your hair the smaller plate width size you want. The longer your hair the larger plate width size you want. If you have longer hair and want to do more hair at a time some people prefer a flat iron with larger plates. However, this comes at the expense of control and versatility. The most popular sized flat iron is about 1 inch in length which is the perfect size for just about anyone and it gives you the styling control you need.


Adjustable From 300 F Up To Max 430F

We were amazed that on the Remington flat iron you can adjust the temperature depending on your hair type and what style you are going for. This is usually a feature reserved for an expensive flat iron.

To decrease temperature, press the minus button.  To increase the temperature, press the plus button. The LCD readout will light up and blink until the iron reaches the desired temperature.  There is also a turbo mode which automatically sets the flat iron to its maximum temperature of 430F. To activate it you press and hold the plus button for 2 seconds. It takes about a 30 seconds to heat up.

Depending on your hair type you should use a different temperature. Here is what Remington recommends.

  • 300˚-340˚F Very fine, fragile, damaged hair
  • 360˚-390˚F Normal, easy to straighten hair
  • 410˚-430˚F Thick, difficult to straighten hair.


  1. Price and Value: With all the features and benefits this flat iron is a great value.
  2. Heats Up In 30 Seconds: Heats up to maximum temperature in last than a minute
  3. Anti-Frizz Technology: First of its kind technology. The ceramic plates deliver conditioner to hair. Enjoy 15 hours of frizz free hair under humid conditions.
  4. Digital Display: Thanks to the digital display we know exactly what temperature the flat iron operates at.
  5. Adjustable Temperature: With the Adjustable temperature the Remington Flat Iron can work for anyone even those ethnicities that have thicker or courser hair.
  6. Dual Voltage: You can take your Remington Flat Iron abroad.
  7. 60 Minute Auto Shutoff: In case you forget to turn it off the Remington flat iron it shuts itself off after 60 minutes of inactivity.


  1. Poor Location Of Buttons: Because of where the buttons are located it is easy to accidentally push them. There is a lock feature but it is hidden.
  2. Difficult To Curl And Get Texture: If you want your hair super stick straight hair then this is the flat iron for you. Although its possible, it is very difficult to curl hair and get texture with this flat iron.
  3. Hinge Lock needs improvement: It is difficult to turn the switch to lock the flat iron.

Although there are better flat irons out there if you are willing to spend the money, there is no other flat iron that offers this much value at such a reasonable price. Even though this is a store bought flat iron, it has everything you would expect in a professional flat iron. It heats up fast, has an adjustable temperature, has dual voltage, and a safety shut off.

And it’s one of the first flat irons to actually add conditioner to your hair while you style it. This Remington flat iron is a breakthrough product and earns our budget flat iron award not only for its price but for its quality.