Temporary Hair Color: Why Even the Color Shy Should Be Using it

When many people think of the term “coloring their hair” they automatically think of permanent hair color and the upkeep it requires. Now I understand that some of your might not be into coloring your hair every four to six weeks to avoid roots but that’s where temporary hair color comes in. With these easy to use and commitment-free hair colors I’m going to show you why there’s no excuse not to be using them and the benefits of playing with temporary hair color. Be careful and always use the best shampoo for colored hair.

It Looks Great

Let’s face it: colored hair, if done properly, just looks good. It adds shine, depth and vibrancy to Mother Nature’s otherwise blah shades of hair. No matter what your natural hair color is you can make it better with the addition of some faux color enhancement.

Want to be bold?

Bright reds, deep mahoganies or black cherries are hot right now. Make a style statement by choosing a notice-me color and showing it off. A bright or bold color and elevate even a simple haircut to diva status and create an impact and the best part of temporary hair color is it fades away and you can either refresh it or pick a totally new color the next time. This is perfect for those commitment-phobes who hate to stick with one thing for very long.

Keep it Subtle

Using temporary hair color doesn’t mean you have to stay very far from your natural hair color. Choosing a shade close to your own can simply add depth or undertones to your natural hair color that weren’t there before. For example, if you’ve got the dreaded “mousy brown” hair color but don’t want the upkeep of blonde highlights to enhance it, go the other way and choose a temporary hair color that is one or two shades darker than your own. A light golden brown will play off the gold that’s already present and enhances it. Want more of an impact? Try a chocolate brown for added depth. This is great contrast against lighter skin tones and blue eyes that many people with naturally mousy brown hair have.

It Benefits Your Hair

Now here’s where you’re probably thinking I’m full of bull, but using temporary hair color is actually beneficial to the overall health of your hair. Unlike permanent hair colors, temporary colors contain no ammonia or peroxide that can damage the hair. Instead, they simply coat the hair shaft with a darker color (you must go darker: temporary colors can’t lighten) and reflects the new shade. It is this coating affect that makes temporary hair color worth its salt.

Acts as a Barrier

The coating of color helps protect your hair against styling damage caused by blow dryers, curling iron and flat irons. Repeated exposure to heat can dry out the hair but temporary hair color helps coat and seal the hair’s cuticle, keeping moisture in and damaging elements out.

It Plumps the Hair

Those with fine, limp hair take note: temporary hair color makes your hair thicker and easier to style. The coating the temporary hair color provides essentially fattens each strand making it thicker and fuller. This coating also gives baby fine hair some “grip” which means you can style it easier and the style will stay longer. Even if you hate hair color those with fine hair that won’t behave should find a perfect match to their natural hair color and use it monthly to plump and protect that fine hair.

Well, there you have it. Surprising but true reasons why you should be using temporary hair color on your hair. Do you use temporary hair color? If not what’s holding you back? Give me your best excuse for not using temporary hair color and let me see if I can change your mind.